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E-Business Solutions

We almost always know that when a company decides to contract the development of a proper system, search that this system operacionalize its especificidades and keeps or extends its differential of market. Moreover we believe that this system is capable to produce, to collect, to classify information, proper and of third, to distribute them and in accordance with to manage them the interest of the customer. We have more than 10 years making with ability this work.

Our services can be contracted by closed price or in the modality software plant.

By rule, our methodology of work is the following one:

Requirements Phase

The client requirements are analyzed and and a project specification form outlined. This is approved and signed by the client. Deadlines for various deliverables are also specified.

Special likes and dislikes regarding the look and feel of the website must be communicated and documented at this stage.

Development Tools and Technologies must also be specified eg. Flash, PHP, SQL database, CGI etc.

In cases of large projects, a pilot can be developed first. In this case, requirements of the pilot site must be analyzed and approved.

A flowchart of the website will also be created so that both parties get a clear visual idea of the requirements of the project.

Design Phase works out a graphical website design incorporating, the overall look and feel, colors, logo and navigation features specified by the client.

This will be hosted on in a password protected area or in the client's web space as client prefers.

This phase may require back and forth communication and changes between the client and designer till the client is satisfied with the look and feel, features, colors, design logo etc.

Once the client approves the design the project launches into the development phase.

Development Phase

In this phase the the approved design is converted into HTML pages (if not done so already). The cgi-scripts are incorporated eg. search facility, forum etc.

In case of a backend intensive websites, ASP pages are developed and linked to databases so that content can be dynamically generated and updated easily by the client.

After all required programming is done and tested thoroughly on the client's server space the website is ready to go live after the client approves it.

Go Live

In this phase, the website is opened to the public. 'Under Construction' notices are removed and the website is ready to be used by the public. The client is educated regarding administration features of various components so that he / she can continue to update the site and monitor site activities easily.

Promotion Phase

Once the website is ready, it is time to get indexed with search engines. Now the main aim is to get more and more people to visit the site and search engines make it easy for people to find your site.

In this phase, keywords are carefully thought-out and pages are submitted to various search engines and directories.

This process may take some time. Once the pages get indexed with search engines, the keywords are tweaked in order to get higher rankings.

This phase is ongoing and it is better if the client educates himself/ herself about promotion, learns to tweak the keywords etc. and continues to submit to search engines in order to maintain high rankings.

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